Exit & Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

The purpose of emergency lighting is for people to find a way around during a power outage, whether caused by fire or natural disaster. They should be checked on a monthly basis.



Exit Lighting

The purpose of exit lighting is to easily and quickly find an exit incase of fire.

Exit lighting comes in typically 2 colors. RED & GREEN.

RED is typically an American standard.

GREEN is typically the international standard.


The long time debate…

When I meet customers from other countries, they often ask the question “Why are EXIT signs in America RED, and not GREEN”?


They go on to explain RED is generally a color of STOP or DANGER. Stop lights and stop signs are in RED, internationally and in the States. They continue to tell me GREEN is the international color for GO (and EXIT). It makes sense, right?


The only explanation I can think of is during foggy conditions, the RED stop light is more visible than a GREEN stoplight. Therefore, if you’re trying to exit out a smoky room, you’re more likely to see a RED exit light than a GREEN exit light.


Why RED is chosen as a primary color for American exit lighting, as opposed to the rest of the worlds GREEN is a mysterious phononom. America is sometimes funny like that, using Fahrenheit opposed to Celsius, the Custom System (also known as the Imperial or American System) opposed to the metric system, and a RED Exit Light as opposed to a GREEN Exit Light.